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Staff Testimonials

Mrs. Keagy, Kindergarten and Bridge Teacher @ Shady Oak Christian School writes,

"In June, Mrs. Otto and I attended an intensive, 3 day long, hands on training on project based learning. We have received practice and training from the individual who wrote our handbook on projects, Judy Helm, and Pam Stanton. I am eager to deepen our project work at Shady Oak. Project based learning brings true ownership of knowledge to young children, and helps them to use those skills they are gaining in all areas of development; it also includes all areas of our curriculum."

Parent Testimonials

"Shady Oak has been a haven of happiness for our family. Before we found you, we had our son in a school where he was consistently failing with the day to day expectations placed on him as a 3 year old. When we found Shady Oak, the teachers and staff worked to help transform him from a timid and anxious child with poor self esteem to a confident (now 6 year old) boy who can function successfully in a classroom and who genuinely loves himself. Shady Oak and the "Nurtured Heart Approach" has provided nothing less than a life changing experience for our entire family; and I am forever greatful for this."


"Shady Oak has been a blessing to me and my two children. This will be my son's 4th year and my daughter's 2nd year attending Shady Oak. The first time I toured the school and met with Mrs. Trigger I knew this was the school for us. We have had a great experience in the Readiness, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and the 1st grade classrooms (Primary). 

I initially chose this school because of their focus on social skills as well as the emphasis on outdoor play. Parent education is just the icing on the cake. Together with the Shady Oak staff, we teach important skills such as delayed gratification, self regulation, and to love to learn. I am confident that my children and I are getting the education and experiences we need to prepare us for life."


"Why Shady Oak? I wanted my kids to have a solid foundation. One where they can learn how to be a friend and in return know what a good friend looks like, to learn, and to have a sense of community. Emotional intelligence over academic intelligence is so important to us in raising our kids and Shady Oak gives us comfort knowing they support this. Best part is they learn through play and learn so much without realizing it. Shady Oak has given my kids confidence and has given us, as parents, the confidence in knowing that God has equipped us with the resources needed to guide them. Shady Oak has truly been an asset to our family."


Our family loves Shady Oak! We've had two boys attend preschool, and we have one currently enjoying it everyday!  Shady Oak provides a wonderful atmosphere for growth for our sons.  The incorporation of nature is one of our favorites things about Shady Oak, as well as the focus on the development of the whole child as a responsible part of the world and their own school setting.  We feel very secure as parents that Shady Oak reinforces what we teach our sons at home.  We've loved the staff for years, and Shady Oak can't help but feel like home.


Thank you for all your hard work this summer! I imagine it has taken many long hours to ensure the school is as safe as possible in troubling times (COVID-19 Pandemic).  It has been wonderful for my son to have a safe harbor.  Being able to engage with his peers and express himself creatively has made him so happy.  Shady Oak has been key to maintaining his mental health and development this summer.  We truly appreciate all of you at Shady Oak.