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I am starting what I hope will be a regular reflection on a week just completed. I miss the chance to visit with all of you at the gate or in our buildings or on our playground. We are In the process of planning a variety of ways to stay connected. Let us know of your good ideas.

I hope you all know that all of our classes are immersing into the fairy tale, “ Goldilocks and The Three Bears”. This is the first of 8-9 fairy tales we will study throughout this year. We chose this Fairy Tale curriculum because of the expected interruptions in our year. Whether it is your child not attending or an entire class shutting down, we are hoping such interruptions will not affect the flow of our learning.

Be sure you read the story as a family. Do you know the story of Goldilocks? Can you tell it without a book? Read a few versions together over the next several weeks. We will be working with this Tale until at least the end of September . Your 3 year old will simply be hearing the story and learning about the characters and the actions. Gradually, all of our preschoolers will be able to recognize more about the setting, the sequence of the story, and props used in the Tale. Kindergartners will be writing or drawing on journal paper to extend their thinking and learning. We are expecting great opportunities to act out the story many times.

Fairy Tales are embedded with golden nuggets of wisdom and wonderful life lessons.
The life skills for Goldilocks are safety, making good choices, respecting property and daily manners. Our teachers can be heard regularly saying to your children, “My job is to keep you safe.” At the dinner table or bath time or bedtime, discuss the topic of safety.

—What does it mean to be safe?
—What was Goldilocks doing that was unsafe?
—What are some things Goldilocks could have changed to be safe?
—What are some things you (we) do to stay safe?

This is a really big topic all the time, but especially in pandemic days.
Here is a big unfinished statement that could prompt a good discussion and/or an interesting drawing,
“I feel most safe when………”

Thank you for being in the “Shady Oak Village” in these uncertain days. I know for certain that we need each other!

Be safe and be well!

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