Readiness News for May

It’s May! Where has the school year gone?

Last month we explored the many aspects of Spring. We discussed how animals are born. We learned what it takes to prepare a garden for planting and how to maintain it. We discussed the life cycle of a flower and learned the names to the parts of a flower.

For the month of May, Readiness will take a dive and explore the exciting world of the deep blue sea. We will learn about beaches and discuss different activities you can do there. We will discover the many creatures that live in the oceans by singing songs, playing games and reading books to help us learn the names of these amazing creatures.

We will conclude the year with an end of the school year celebration, May12th at Enrich Gymnastics, courtesy of the Tyler family! Sign-up sheets for drivers will be posted by the readiness attendance sheet. Tuesday/Thursday children are encouraged to meet us there with their parents! We will also have celebration chapel on May 24that 8:45am and May 25th at 11:00am.

We have had a fun and amazing year full of laughter, hugs and smiles. We are so grateful that you have given us the opportunity to watch your children learn and grow.

Have a wonderful summer!

Love & Blessings,

Mrs. Humphrey, Mrs. Tibbetts and Mrs. Rocha


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