Readiness News for March

Spring has Sprung in Readiness!  This month our curriculum emphasis will be on the season of spring, growth and new life.

We can’t believe it’s March!

Last month we enjoyed discussing our bodies. We learned that our heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout our bodies through veins. We discovered that all these actions together make up our circulatory system. Ask your child ways to keep their bodies healthy and strong.
This month we will begin our study on spring. We will discuss the change in the weather. We will learn about the plants that begin to grow and the animals that are born in the spring time. We will also begin to prepare for our garden on the Enchanted playground for planting in early April.
On March 9th and 10th we will have donuts with Dads. This will be a come and go between 7:30-8:15. We will also have Go Texan Day on those days as well. Have your child dress up in their favorite Cowboy/Cowgirl attire!
Looking forward to beautiful weather!
Love and Blessings,
Mrs. Humphrey, Mrs. Tibbetts and Mrs. Rocha



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