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Our Philosophy

At Shady Oak Christian School, we believe that the development of children is a continuous, predictable process that is influenced by all of the events they experience, at school, at home, and in their neighborhoods, and that learning of all kinds results from an interaction between the child and his/her environment. In all age groups, children have daily opportunities for learning with hands-on materials. Children are given many opportunities to choose their own activities and to explore their own interests. We value "wonder" and the continual development of curiosity. Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, and Lev Vygotsky are educational theorists who have greatly influenced our program planning.

Participating in the outdoors, on our natural-habitat playgrounds, is a key part of our program. Although the school has primary responsibility for the children's academic training, the support and cooperation of parents and others outside the school are necessary in creating an environment in which children can reach their full potential.

We believe that we are preparing children for life. Therefore, much emphasis is placed on making good choices, not for rewards, but for the intrinsic value of "doing the right thing." Working toward self-regulation is foundational to success in our program.