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About Bridge…

The Shady Oak Christian School Bridge Program gives children the gift of time.  This program is designed for children that might need an extra year before entering Kindergarten.  Our Bridge Class is play-based in nature and offers children a full day of learning experiences.  Bridge will participate in our Pre-K program each morning, 5-days per week.  In the afternoon, Bridge students will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment classes such as, science, cooking, art and literature with the Kindergarten Class.  As with all Shady Oak experiences, there is lots of time for outside play and discovery!  This class meets daily from 8:30 to 3:00.  To be eligible to participate in this program in 2016-17 school year, children must have turned 5 on or before September 1, 2016, or have had two years of preschool at Shady Oak, with the recommendation of their current Preschool Teacher.  Please contact us for additional information or to set an appointment to visit our Bridge Class.

Kindergarten Goals Include…

* Learning responsibility and leadership, as the oldest class in the school
* Managing individual work time to complete weekly contracts
* Developing identifiable learning styles and “intelligences”
* Developing “brain health habits”, including hydration, crossing the mid-line, and other integrating movements

All of our classes will be deepening our study of  units and themes this year by using the Project Approach.

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