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kinder & Bridge Community

 Week 1 in Bridge and Kindergarten . . . working together to establish a community.

Shady Oak Christian School Kindergarten & Bridge Students took an active role in setting up the frame work for their classroom community. By collaborating and creating the rules for their classroom community, they are more likely to follow them. Establishing a strong sense of community in each classroom helps children to take responsibility of their classroom environment, as well as helping them to be responsible and accountable to each other and to themselves.  In this type of classroom community, children are more likely to work independently, taking responsibility for themselves. We should want this for all children!

Weekly Collages are an effective communication tool

To help parents to know what is going on in their child’s classroom, collages will be emailed to all families in that classroom weekly highlighting all the activities that took place. We all know how helpful it is to get our children to talk about what went on in school today when we have a little background information to get them started.   These kinds of conversations also help to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom that day.   We hope that all our Shady Oak Families will look forward to receiving their weekly collage.

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