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bdaylet1Shady Oak Birthday Policy (taken from the Shady Oak Christian School Parent Handbook, page 18)

Each child’s birthday is celebrated at school with our traditional Shady Oak birthday song being sung to him at chapel. In addition, each class will create a birthday tradition or ritual, with the common element being that the children are an equal part in the planning and carrying out of the traditions. Cookies or other special snacks from home are not part of this ritual and should not be brought to school.

This year we have established a new tradition in our Readiness and Pre-K Classrooms.  Around a child’s birthday, they will get the opportunity to work with a staff member to decorate a wooden letter  – the first initial of their first name.  These works of art will decorate our classroom all year.  At the end of the school year, each child will get to take their letter home.  Summer birthday children will also get a chance to do this activity, as an Un-Birthday day will celebrate their day.



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