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Look who is caring for your kiddos!!!

We have three tremendous assistants that I want you to get to know, especially in these days of social distancing and less contact with each other. These assistants are working daily with specific classes and teachers. They are learning important leadership and teaching skills each day. More importantly they are spending time with each child in their care, getting to know her/him personally, as well as how she/he best learns.

Alicea Gardner joined our staff in June 2019. She used to be a preschooler at Shady Oak! She currently works some afternoons with the Acorns and Mrs. Font. She also works two half days with the Squirrels and Mrs. Strode. She is an afterschool teacher, too.

Alicea grew up in a small town named Sealy, Texas and graduated from Sealy High School in May 2019. She is studying nursing at Blinn Junior College. She can see herself working at a clinic helping others. She has memories of being about age 3 and playing with her brother, making mud pies and climbing trees in their backyard.

She feels lucky to have wonderful parents and a kind of brother that makes her smile everyday. She says, “My household is filled with a lot of love and laughter.”

When asked what her thoughts are about being at Shady Oak this year, she answered, “…it has been completely different from past years, but it has shown me how wonderful the Shady Oak families are. We have all adapted to this strange new type of life and I believe we are getting through it together as a family. I am very excited to see what the future has in store for us at Shady Oak because if we can get thought a worldwide pandemic together, we can get through anything.”

Camille Johnson joined our staff in September 2019. She was a babysitter of one of our families, and they were willing to let us in on her goodness! Camille works with the Sprouts class every day—with Mrs. Rocha on MWF, and with Mrs. Barr on TTh. She is also an afterschool teacher.

Camille grew up in Sugarland, Texas. She graduated from George Ranch High School. She is now studying Journalism and Mass media at the University of Houston in Sugarland. She reports that her future life’s work might be impacting the lives of children and sending them on a pathway to success. She remembers being a young child who was incredibly happy with her surroundings in Texas. She recalls being able to build her own world around her through nature and the weather. She says that her family is very silly and joyful! They love to laugh and have a fun time.

When asked what her thoughts are about being at Shady Oak this year, Camille answered that her thoughts are “positive and inspiring.” She continues, “Due to the many struggles others are facing, including our families, it gives my heart so much joy to be there for them and their children during this difficult time. I like to provide normalcy for the children as well.”

Zachary Scott joined us in September 2020. He came by way of a former Shady Oak family who knows him well and recommends him highly! Zachary works with Mrs. Font and the Acorn class every day. In addition, he is an afterschool teacher.

Zachary grew up in Rosenberg, Texas, and attended Foster High School. He plans to study journalism after completing his basics at WCJC. In the future, he says he would like to be a photojournalist or a writer.

Zachary reports that his childhood was always full of wholesome fun. He says, “I fondly remember attending church with my family and trips to the beach with my 3 siblings.” Zach says his family is very close to each other and loves to sing and make music together. He says they love traveling and bringing their dog, Wolfie, wherever they go. About his experience at Shady Oak, he reflects, “Shady Oak is such a rich environment for children. I have learned so much from being here and I cannot wait to grow even more with the children I have the pleasure of being around.”

Wow! I am so happy to have these three join our top-notch staff. They are learning from the best!

With lots of love and peace,




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