Shady Oak Christian School Preview Night

 Save the date:  Tuesday, February 7th @ 7:00 p.m.

This valuable information night is open to current and prospective parents.

Come find answers to such questions as:

What are the characteristics of “Shady Oak kids”?

What happens during the Readiness Class (3 yr. old) that gives those children social competency skills such as the ability to express wishes and preferences clearly, to assert his/her own rights and needs appropriately, to express frustration and anger effectively and without harming others, him/herself, or property, to enter ongoing discussions and make relevant contributions to ongoing activities?

What do children need to be doing in Pre-K to be prepared for kindergarten? How much letter work and writing practice should children have each day in that year leading up to kindergarten? Our pre-k program is very hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and play-based. What does all that mean, and how is it different from other programs in our area?

Who are candidates for the “Bridge Class”? What is the schedule and curriculum for that class?

What is used to measure success in kindergarten and what does kindergarten look like at Shady Oak?

What does my child experience at Shady Oak besides an excellent academic opportunity?

Find out the answer to these and other important question on Tuesday, February.

We will meet in our Kindergarten Class room at 7:00 p.m.   Invite your friends and neighbors to join you at Shady Oak Christian School.

Reservation are required.  Please email Bridget Hilbe at .

Open Registration for the 2017-18 Academic School Year will begin on Monday, February 27th.  It’s time to call 281-341-5001 to set your appointment to visit our campus.



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