How Shady Oak Christian School is Getting it Right for your Children

Shouldn’t your child’s first years of school be their best?

Developmentally appropriate practices are not new for Shady Oak.  We have been employing them for 30 years.  Call Shady Oak Christian School (281-341-5001) today to see how it works with our students.

Many of Shady Oak Christian School practices are based on the most current early childhood education research. Research supports teaching kids through guided — or “scaffolded” —  play and hands-on, child-led activities, which can help them learn concepts more deeply.  . The recent Scientific American Mind Journal (March/April 2017) describes qualities of preschools who are getting it “right”.  Our school’s practices and environment fit those descriptions!  Check out this article at:  The Right Start — How to Fix Our Preschools (Scientific American Mind March 2017)