Purple Parade!

March with Shady Oak on April 24th & 25th! 

Think PURPLE and advocate for young children!

Each year, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), designates a week in April to be called, “Week of the Young Child”. As a school, we love to participate in a springtime event we call the “Purple Parade” for which we dress in purple shirts, hats, shoes… whatever we have. One day, we will walk to the new Richmond Fire Station to deliver cards and pictures and cookies or cupcakes. On another day, we will walk to the Old Courthouse.

We want to help children stay connected to our community helpers. Again this year we will celebrate “The Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood” designated by Association for Childhood Education International and the Alliance for Childhood. They are:

  1. Safe and secure places for living and learning, with access to health care, clothing, and nutritious food
  2. Strong families and loving, consistent caregivers
  3. Social interactions and friendships
  4. Creative play and physical activity
  5. Appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment
  6. Creative expression through music, dance, drama, and the other arts
  7. Education that develops the full capacities of the child—cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual.
  8. Supportive, nurturing, child-friendly communities
  9. Growing independence and decision making
  10. Children and youth participating in community life


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